Best Buds Landscaping & Greenhouses is proud to support
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Hi everybody, this is an absolute, no pressure, sales pitch from your Best Buds. However, we are asking for donations for breast cancer awareness Month! We are partnering with a very local organization called breast cancer recovery fund, who sends women of all stages on retreats to help relieve their current, crappy situation! 100% of your donation we'll go directly to this organization! As a company, every single one of our employees will be wearing pink and making a donation to this organization as well! And in case wearing pink wasn't enough, we've changed our name for the month of October to 'Breast Buds'. Best Buds is not doing this for personal gain, or even personal interest! The truth is, by the grace of God, only one person in our organization has had a single grandmother with breast cancer! But we thought that there are enough people in our community that are going through this, that it was a worthy cause to try to help with! And as a
growing company throughout Madison and the surrounding areas, we engage a large number of people each day, and have a small platform to stand on to help this worthy cause! We're asking for donations, and making donations of our own, because simply wearing pink isn't enough! Everybody's already aware... Now we need to do something about it! Thanks for considering it! Also, if you would like to buy any of the Pink, Breast Buds clothing, 50% of the proceeds would go to this local organization and help women who are in the fight of their life, go on an awesome retreat!
S-XL T-shirts : $20
S-XL Long sleeve T's : $25
S-XL Hoodies : $40
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